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* Health and Social Care
* NHSScotland
* Nursing and Midwifery
* Review of Nursing in the Community
* Job Descriptions
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* Community Health Nurse
Community Health Nurse
Job Title: Community Health Nurse (CHN)Responsible to (insert job title): Advance PractitionerDepartment(s):Directorate:Operating Division:Job Reference:No of Job Holders:Last Update (insert date):| 2. JOB PURPOSE|

The Community Health Nurse (CHN) will contribute to the national health service agenda through the application of research evidence based practice to enable patients and the public to improve and sustain their health and well being. The CHN provides a clinical and professional leadership role and is responsible for the delivery of high quality rights based care and interventions to the population across a geographical /GP practice area. The post holder will be the single point of contact to community nursing services and has a strong co-ordinating role within the nursing team and other services. The CHN will promote the development of an integrated team working approach aiming to provide maximum benefit to children and young people, adults, carers, families and communities.This will be achieved by working within the seven core elements of nursing in the community; Working directly with individuals and carers, adopting public health approaches to protecting the public, co-ordinating services, supporting self care, multi-disciplinary and multi-agency team working, meeting the health needs of communities and supporting anticipatory care. It will be further enhanced by using a proactive approach to promoting health and wellbeing, detection and prevention of vulnerability, preventing illness, reacting and responding to existing or potential ill health issues and contributing to reduction in unplanned hospital admissions. | 3. DIMENSIONS|

The post holder will be accountable and responsible for the clinical and professional leadership of the Community Health Nursing Team (CHNT) in a defined geographical / GP aligned area.The post- holder will assess, plan, co-ordinate and deliver programmes of care to individual children and young people, adults, families, carers and communities within the area. The post holder will work in diverse and varied context and settings as part of a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency team.The post-holder will collaborate with a wide range of statutory, voluntary and private organisations to maximise the nursing contribution in health improvement, patient and public protection, planning and delivery of nursing care and interventions to children and young people, families, carers and communities.Population health profile to includeØ Number of practices, AHPs and any Community Hospitals, Care Homes and Social Care/specialist ……..Ø Number and mix of staff within team………….Ø Budget size and responsibilities…………………..Ø Participate in the activity of the CHP……Ø Number of schools………|

- Advanced Practitioner|
Community Staff Nurses|
Health Care Support Workers|
*Example only to be shaped to local structures
The Community Health Nursing...
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