Nurger King Project Including Pestel Analysis

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Global service economy project

Burger King

Table of content:
1. Introduction
2. Presentation of the company
3. PESTEL analysis of the company
4. Poters 5 forces analysis
5. Resources


In this project we would like to look from the insight of the Burger King Company and analyse the main factors which affects the progress and development of the organisation, as well as its business future. To accomplish a clear look-up on the company and undertake the analysis we are going to use the PESTEL model and Poter’s five forces model. A PESTEL analysis most commonly is used to measure a market. It can be used for marketing and business development and decision making. There are many factors that affect the decisions of managers of any company. To encourage proactive thinking and help analyse the organisation’s macro-environment managers use the PESTEL model, where PESTEL stands for: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal. Potter’ five forces is a framework for industry analysis and business strategy development. It consists of five forces which affect a company’s ability to serve its customers and make profit. Potter’s five forces refer to: threat of new entrants, power of suppliers, power of consumers, threat of substitutes, competitive rivalry.

Burger King Company

Burger King is an international franchise organisation. It was founded in 1954 and with its signature recipes and family friendly dinning environment the company grew tremendously on the market and became one of the most famous restaurants for fast food in the world. Nowadays it is the second largest hamburger chain. Burger King suffered many changes during the years . It changed the owner of the company a couple of times . It also started a new way of advertising , which turned out to bring it very big success. First the adverticements were animated and were popular within the kids. The company also changed its slogan a couple of times and that is what makes it intresgting among the people. Later on in the history of Burger King was introduced the breakfast menu which became very popular and immediately turned out into hit. During the years the company kept improving by introdusing new sandwiches and advertisments where was always said that the customers are important for them . Eight years after establishing the first restaurant in the US , the company had 275 restarants more all around the country . Later was opened the first Burger King restaurant abroad - in Puerto Rico . This was the beginning of expanding and thinking globally. Nowadays Burger King have restaurants in many countries all around the world . It is the second most popular fast food chain , after McDonald‘s . People love it because of the unique way of preparing its sanwiches and the friendly autmosphere each of the restaurants has.

PESTEL analysis of Burger King Company
Political factors
At widest the Political environment and factors refers to tax policies, environmental laws, trade restrictions and etc. and may also refer to goods and services which the government want to provide or not provide. In general the Burger King Company is not seriously affected by the political environment. It is only affected by the tax rate, which is different in every country. There were also debates in the Arabian world, regarding an offense to the Muslim religion through a kind of ice-cream the company provides. However, at the moment in Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest Burger King restaurants. Economic factors

Economic factors include economic growth, interest rates, inflation and etc. Burger King is one of the biggest fast food chains as well as a fast growing franchise company. Since 1950’s first starting with one restaurant in Florida it has become world-known and nowadays it has more than 12,000...
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