Nuremberg trials

Topics: Nuremberg Trials, Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler Pages: 7 (1194 words) Published: October 27, 2013
The Nuremberg trials were descried as “the best trials I history” by Norman Birkett a

British judge who presided over the major war criminals ( In my research

paper I will be talking about how the Nuremberg trials were created, the main events and the

people involved and the first and second parts of the trials. The international military tribunal and

the doctor and military trials. The Nuremberg trials were essential in bringing Nazi war criminals

to justice and enabled Europe to move on after world war 2.

The Nuremberg trials were created by the allied forces. states “On

January 14th, 1942 representatives from the nine occupying countries met in London to draft the

inner-allied resolution on German war crimes”. There were 3 meetings between the 3 main

forces of the allied party. The meetings were held in Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam. “The three

major war time powers, the united kingdom, united states, and the union of soviet socialist

republics agreed on the format of punishment for those responsible for war crimes during world

war 2. France was also awarded a place on the tribunal” ( The location that held

the trials was also an important factor of the trials. There were many places considered but in the

End Nuremberg Germany was chosen.

“The choice of the city was significant for it was here that the national socialist party held its annual rallies. Adolf Hitler intended for it to be rebuilt as the ‘party city’. Now many of the leaders of the party were on trial for their lives, only a short distance from the grand arena where they had been feted by the German people”(

The city that the nazi party was first created and was once under their control was now going to

Be the place they fought for their lives. Nuremberg was once the place that “hosted annual

Propaganda rallies and was the city of the Nuremberg laws” ( as the trials were

Created each county had a say in what happened and how the criminals were punished. On

August 8th, 1945, the United States, great Britain, France, and the soviet union drew up an

Agreement and charter for the prosecution of the major war enemies” (metris encyclopedia p. ).

As well as having a say on how the criminals were punished each country also had their own

Had their own judges and prosecutor on the tribunal. states that “each of the four

countries provided one judge and an alternate, as well as a prosecutor”

on November 20,1945 the first of set of trials started. They were named the international

military tribunal. “The tribunal was given the task of trying 23 of the most important political

and military leaders of the Third Reich”( This was the most notable of the

Nuremberg trials. “though one of the defendants, martin Bormann, was tried in absentia”

( martin Bormann went into hiding after World War 2 ended but was later found

And tried in absentia. states that “Robert lee one of the defendants, committed

Suicide in his jail cell. states Robert lee, best known for his role as head of the

‘Strength of joy’ movement, which masterminded the Volkswagen car, hanged himself in his

Cell a few weeks before the trial started, so shamed was he by the accusations of crime”. Also

there were 3 people missing who all Committed suicide 7 months before the trials.

states that “absent from the 23 were Adolf Hitler, heinrich Himmler, and joseph Goebbels, all of

whom had committed suicide several Months before the indictment was signed”. The defendants were all extremely intelligent and had above average I.Q’s, but the exception of 1.

states that “ the Rorschach test was...

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