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History of Nursing Research Worksheet

There have been many influential publications, agencies, and people in the field of nursing research. Write 1–3 sentences in each cell of the table below to describe the importance, goal, or influence of each item.

First publication date and importance:
Nursing Research
First published: 1952
Importance: This journal was the ANA’s first official journal for reporting nursing and health research.  It is a highly respected publication that includes articles on quantitative and qualitative studies. The goal of the journal is to provide the high quality research and report findings and their impact on therapeutic actions and nursing systems. Sigma Theta Tau Journal published by this organization is now called Image—The Journal of Nursing Scholarship First published: 1967

Importance: The mission of the journal’s official society is to provide key elements to better the field of nursing, ultimately to achieve a world of healthier people. The Image helped communicate findings when communicating research results were a challenge. The focus was to support the conduct, communication and the use of research. The core topics focused on research methodologies Research in Nursing and Health

First published: 1978
Importance: It is a peer-reviewed journal that has an extensive range of research and theory that places emphasis on advising the practice of nursing and other health disciplines about research in health care. RINAH is devoted to publishing research and theory on health and nursing and other health disciplines. Western Journal of Nursing Research

First published: 1979
Importance:  Offers students, nurse researchers, and clinical practitioners the ability of continuing scholarly discussion. The goal is to broaden clinical research through commentaries and authors' responses. It provides a pioneering setting for nurse researchers and students. Scholarly Inquiry for...
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