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NUR 150 Pharmacology 1
Chapter 11-17 Homework

Chapter 11

Define each of the listed types of pain.
1. Vascular pain

2. Referred pain

3. Neuropathic pain

4. Phantom pain

5. Deep pain

6. Cancer pain

7. Central pain

8. Visceral pain

9. Superficial pain

10. Somatic pain

Chapter 12
For each situation, state which type of anesthetic drug the patient will receive.

1. A 5-year-old child needs to have an MRI of his brain, but he is afraid of the loud machine and dark surroundings.

2. A 60-year-old woman is being tested for the presence of myasthenia gravis.

3. A woman is extremely anxious about a tooth extraction.

4. A patient is going into surgery for removal of his appendix.

5. A victim of an assault needs suturing of numerous skin lacerations across his back and upper arms.

Chapter 13
Match the description on the left with the correct term on the right.

____| 1. The drug used to reverse the effects of benzodiazepine overdose| A. Ramelteon (Rozerem)| ____| 2. A long-acting barbiturate that can be used as an anticonvulsant| B. Eszoplicone (Lunesta)| ____| 3. A long-acting benzodiazepine that is used for sleep| C. Zaleplon (Sonata)| ____| 4. This hypnotic is similar to the hormone melatonin| D. Baclofen (Lioresal)| ____| 5. A central-acting muscle relaxant used for spasticity| E. Hangover effect| ____| 6. A direct-acting muscle relaxant used for malignant hyperthermia| F. Drowsiness| ____| 7. A short-acting nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic that can be used in the middle of the night if necessary| G. Phenobarbital| ____| 8. A common adverse effect of benzodiazepines.| H. Dantrolene (Dantrium)| ____| 9. An adverse effect that results from a drug’s effect on the sleep cycle| I. Flumazenil| ____| 10. A long-acting nonbenzodiazepine sleep aid| J. Flurazepam (Dalmane)|

Chapter 14
Match the description on the left with the correct term on the right. Not all terms will be used.

_____| 1. Drugs used to control or suppress appetite.| A. Photophobia| _____| 2. CNS stimulants used to increase responsiveness and stimulate respiration| B. Phonophobia| _____| 3. Sudden loss of voluntary (skeletal) muscle control. | C. Aura| _____| 4. A syndrome characterized by sudden “sleep attacks”| D. Water-soluble vitamins| _____| 5. A characteristic of some migraine headaches: avoidance of light| E. Fat-soluble vitamins| _____| 6. A set of altered visual or other senses that may accompany a migraine headache. | F. Serotonin-receptor agonists| _____| 7. The type of vitamins that may be needed by patients who take orlistat| G. Analeptics| _____| 8. A class of drugs used to treat migraine headaches. | H. Anorexiants| | | I. Narcolepsy|

| | J. Cataplexy|

Chapter 15
Match each definition with its corresponding term. Not all terms will be used.

A. Status epilepticus
B. Wide
C. Narrow
D. Generalized
E. Seizure
F. Partial onset
G. Primary
H. Secondary
I. Convulsion
J. Carbamazepine (tegretol)
K. Diazepam (valium)
L. Midazolam (versed)
M. Valproic acid (depakote)
N. Gabapentin (neurontin)
O. Phenytoin (dilantin)

___ 1. Epilepsy that develops without an identifiable cause ___ 2. Seizures that are characterized by short alterations in consciousness, repetitive unusual movements, and confusion ___ 3. A seizure disorder that is a life-threatening emergency ___ 4. Seizures that occur most commonly in childhood. The person may have a temporary lapse in consciousness but does not convulse. ___ 5. Considered by many to be the drug of choice for the treatment of the condition in #3 ___ 6. Long-term use of this drug causes gingival problems and osteoporosis. ___ 7. This drug may have severe side effects of hepatotoxicity and pancreatitis. ___ 8. The effectiveness of this drug may be reduced by autoinduction. ___...
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