Nur /443 History of Nursing Research Worksheet

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Nursing Research
First published: 1952
Importance: Research began expanding to establish standards of caring in nursing, prompting the publication of the first nursing research journal. “Research conducted by the ANA and other specialty groups provided the basis for nursing practice standards that currently guide professional practice. The increase in research activity in the 1940’s prompted the first publication of Nursing Research” (Burns & Grove, 2007, p. 12).

Sigma Theta Tau Journal published by this organization is now called Image—The Journal of Nursing ScholarshipFirst published: 1967 Importance: During the 1960's nurse contributed greatly to the nursing research and development of nursing practice. First published under the name Sigma Theta Tau Journal, the Journal of Nursing Scholarship enhances nursing knowledge, provides direction for future nursing research, and recognizes the need for improved communication of research findings (Male Nursing Scholarship, 2011).

Research in Nursing and Health First published: 1978
Importance: Research in Nursing and Health is devoted to research and theory that will improve nursing practice. "The editors invite research reports on nursing practice education administration and history; on health issues relevant to nursing; and on the testing of research findings in practice" (, 2011, para. 1).

Western Journal of Nursing Research First published: 1979 Importance: "WJNR is devoted to the distribution of research studies, book reviews, and scholarly nursing debate, all directed to a general nursing audience. Contributions are accepted from nurses both within and outside the United States" (Ovid, 2011,para 1).

Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing PracticeFirst published: 1987 Importance: SINP was first published in 1987, today it is known as Research and Theory for Nursing Practice. Articles published in this journal focus on specific issues pertinent to improving nursing practice and make public nursing research approaches and methods. (Springer Publishing Company, 2010).

Applied Nursing ResearchFirst published: 1988
Importance: "Applied Nursing Research presents original, peer-reviewed research findings clearly and directly for clinical applications in all nursing specialties" (Applied Nursing Research, 2011, para. 1).

Nursing Science QuarterlyFirst published: 1988
Importance: The primary focus of NSQ "is to publish original manuscripts focusing on nursing theory development, nursing theory-guided practice and quantitative and qualitative research related to existing nursing frameworks" (, 2011, para. 1).

Conduct and Utilization of Research in NursingFirst published: 1982-1983 Importance: The body of knowledge gained from nursing research increased during this time period. However, information and knowledge obtained from nursing research was seldom incorporated into nursing practice. The materials from this federally funded project were published to facilitate the use of research to improve nursing practice (Burns & Grove, 2011).

Annual Review of Nursing ResearchFirst published: 1983
Importance: Annual Review of Nursing Research organized nursing research into four areas: nursing practice, nursing care delivery, nursing education, and the nursing profession. The detail of current research knowledge published in the Annual Review of Nursing Research encourages the use of research findings in practice and provide direction for future research (Burns & Grove, 2011). AgenciesEstablishment date and goal or function:

American Nurses’ Association (ANA) Council of Nurse Researchers Established: 1972 Goal: "In 1972 the ANA established the
Council of Nurse Researchers to advance research activities, provide an exchange of ideas, and recognize excellence in research; influencing the development of federal guidelines concerning research with human subjects and sponsored research programs nationally...

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