Nur/405 Version 3 Health Education Plan

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NUR/405 Version 3
Healthy Communities: Theory and Practice

April 23, 2012

Description of the educational need
Parenting can be a stressful job. Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling jobs and also one of the hardest. Many parents not only take care of their children but also work full time which causes them to have stress and anxiety. The demands of career, children and personal needs are often at odds. Many parents wind up feeling like they're not doing a good job at home or at the office. Knowing how to cope with stress is vital to parenting. Such coping skills can make a difference for parents personally and for their children. Learning to handle stress is vital. The educational need for this family is to help Kendi Posey learn how to manage the stressors of parenting. Educational goals and objectives

The educational goals and objectives are to help Kendi Posey learn how to manage her anger and frustration with her two teen age children. The first step in doing this is to help Kendi recognize her feelings; she can do this by gaining control over her feelings, and understand that all parents feel anger and frustration sometimes and that it is nothing she should be ashamed of. Next help her to find an appropriate outlet for frustration, like reading a magazine, call a friend or even go for a walk. Also she can research books at the local library that can teach her relaxation techniques, such as meditation or deep breathing exercises. Kendi and her family would benefit from a community association for single parent families. This association would provide advantageous recourses and serve as a networking opportunity to connect other single parents dealing with the same situation as Kendi. This will enable families to unite with one another and work together by helping each other out in various ways, such as transportation and or leisure time to get awa Educational methods

Kendi is a single parent and does not have any support...
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