Numb By Linkin Park related text ( Belonging )

Topics: Emotion, Character, Feeling Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Numb by Linkin Park

I have chosen to research this song and video as they are the embodiment of the sub-culture that is the main target audience for the 'emocore' genre. This song seemingly calls out to those who are sick and tired of being told to conform to societal norms, either by their parents or peers. This is a very 'emo' message to convey, as the target audience of emotionally troubled teens feel that they can relate to it in that they feel those around them try to force them into normality, not allowing them to express their emotional side. This song allows for the conveyance of those emotions in a very powerful manner, with the singer verging on screaming the lyrics in the chorus, which is a popular feature of heavier 'emocore' music. This idea is very much reflected in the lyrics with talk of expectations and 'pressure', also with the singer wanting to be 'more like me and less like you'. The lyrical style is very personal; reading almost as if it is a letter to a parent or peer who the sender is trying to break away from.

Right from the very beginning of the video the main character in the narrative is depicted as being very isolated and alone, with the opening shots being of her alone in what appears to be a very empty city, as if she is the only one there, or she is alone in her own world. This issue is shown throughout the video both at home and at her school or college. She seems to use her art and creativity as an escape from this loneliness and as a way of letting out her stored up anger and other emotion, as is common for people belonging to the target audience of 'emocore' music. This song is easy for members of it's target audience to relate to through this character, as many of them feel as though they are in the same situation. The editing is used to further enforce the idea of isolation, and of being on a different wavelength to everyone else around you when all of the action around her is sped up and sometimes blurred or taken out...
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