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)Nude Food
Nude food movers are a brand created by Smash. They sell a variety of environmentally friendly lunchboxes, containers, and bottles. The main reason for it to be environmentally friendly is because it needs no plastic wrapping, foil or sealing. All the products are BPA free, so it’s great for the family. This year, all the Nude Food Movers are getting together and making an annual Nude Food day. This day will be great for helping the environment and teaching younger kids good habits for our world. Do you want your children to damage the already fragile world we live on?

Nude Food Day consists of these rules:
* Organic food, not processed
* Considerably healthy snacks
* No electronics, e.g. phones, TV, iPods
From just these 3 rules only one day per year, would be a great impact on the environment and also your nutritional health. If you think deeply to this, we would be saving power and helping our eco-system. So why not give this day a chance? It’s a great family bonding activity for the day, and will give this world a much better future than what most people would think of. If you would like to know more information on the Nude Food Day, please go to the Nude Food Website: where you can also buy your own Nude Food lunchboxes, snack boxes etc. We want the world to be a better place, and do it together. So join the nude food movement today!
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