Nuclear Weapon and Science

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Cold War, Cuban Missile Crisis Pages: 5 (1529 words) Published: March 22, 2013
* Science has greatly increased the capability of man to kill each other, literally threating humanity. Although science is not always the cause of wars the advances in nuclear weaponry have given the man the power to destroy the world. At certain points in history, such as the Cuban missile crisis, the world has stood on the brink of destruction. *The Cuban Missile Crisis was a confrontation between the United States, the Soviet Union, and Cuba that occurred in the early 1960s during the Cold War. The crisis ranks as one of the major confrontations of the Cold War, and is often regarded as the moment in which the Cold War came closest to a nuclear war.

* Our air is polluted with toxins and our water is polluted with waste from manufacturing. There are people suffering everywhere and yet science is so far behind where it matters. A satellite can be launched into orbit and bring back images millions of miles away but our water filled, with pharmaceuticals, cannot properly be cleaned? Why on earth would cloning another living being come before finding cures for diseases! I truly believe science to be a good thing but there is far too much depravity coming from it. We’re stuck finding cures for the ailments caused by technology and yet people latch on to technology, expecting it to solve all our problems. Most haunting, society is becoming desensitized to all of it. We are very close to stripping away what little humanity we have left and becoming robotic in nature, looking at everything in a scientific lens.  Society expects instant gratification and is consistently undervaluing the very things that make us humane.  As a whole we’ve becoming needy, less principled, and incapable of doing things without relying on technology. We’re on the verge of becoming nothing more than sponges for gratification without purpose. It’s sickening.

* Our lives are in danger because bombs are made to blast thousands or millions of people. New guns are made for robbery. People are rebelling against their own blood, and it's not fair. This all is done by the cruel advancement of science. Can you believe science has increased the capability of men to kill each other?

* It's true we owe a lot to science, all the convenience and creature comforts we enjoy on earth wouldn't have been possible without advances in science. The downside is that all this technology can and will be used against us. Look at the atomic bomb, with the destruction it caused and that was almost seventy years ago. The weapons we have now, would make the atomic bomb look like a firecracker. Then you have people who get greedy for profits and use technology for their own benefit; not worrying about the welfare of anyone or anything else. As much as I would like to say no, as long as we have a world full of greedy people in power, who are only thinking about the next big payday; science will always be a threat.

* Although I understand the view that science has brought us many benefits, I think people often forget its consequences. It has enabled countries to create terrifying Weapons of Mass Destruction, has caused numerous ethical questions to be raised and is a constant threat to humanity with the danger that it may never stop, and we will become our own worst enemy. Even some of science's greatest achievements like the discovery of antibiotics has caused massive implications through the uncontrollable population increase. For these reasons and many more I think scientists should be very careful about how far they go to improve society as it could in fact turn into a serious threat to humanity.

* We may be living in a modern world with the influence of science however does it makes any difference? many people are still suffering the effect of science. The floods, global warming and etc. Science may help us, but the total destruction it causes us is just one-fourth of the benefits it give us.

* It is true...
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