Nuclear Proliferation

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What is Nuclear Proliferation?

Nuclear Proliferation is the spread of nuclear weapons, fissile material, and weapons-applicable nuclear technology and information, to nations which are not recognized as “Nuclear Weapon States” by the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons; also known as Nuclear Proliferation Treaty or NPT. The purpose of the treaty was to help avoid the spread of nuclear weapons to those countries that have not been recognized as nuclear weapons states. NPT has only been signed by 189 countries, not by countries that are believed to have nuclear weapons.

The United States was the first and is the only country to have used a nuclear weapon in war. They used two bombs against Japan in August, 1945. Germany and Japan ceased to be involved in any nuclear weapon research. August, 1949, the USSR tested a nuclear weapon, as well as the United Kingdom in October, 1952, France developed one in 1960 and the People’s Republic of China detonated a nuclear weapon in 1964. India was next with exploding a nuclear device in 1974, and Pakistan tested a weapon in 1998. Finally, North Korea conducted a nuclear test in 2006.

Pros and Cons

Reasons for abolishing nuclear weapons are:

• The entire world would be more secure if the planet were free of nuclear weapons

-Nuclear Weapons are the only weapons that have the ability to extinguish the entire human race and its entire species.

• The threat/use of nuclear weapons has been declared generally illegal by the World Court

-On July 8th, 1996, the World Court stated that it is illegal to use or threat to use nuclear weapons

• Nuclear Weapons are morally at fault

-nuclear Weapons are intolerable. Nuclear weapons can wipe out most if not all of the lives on Earth.

• Nuclear weapons don’t do what they’re supposed to do, which is prevent wars!

-Nuclear weapons states have been involved in more wars than non nuclear weapon states

• Nuclear Weapons are extremely costly

-The cost of research, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and associated intelligence activities are combined, the price is heavy. Then you have the cost of damage to land, illness, and cancer deaths from pollution, and nuclear waste storage, the price becomes enormous.

• Some countries have already given up nuclear weapons, showing that it is possible for a nation to be stable without them

-Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, became nuclear weapon free states voluntarily. They transferred their nuclear warheads to Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Reasons for nuclear weapons are:

• Nuclear Weapons cannot be uninvented

-No human invention can be uninvented, but it also is not enough to abolish nuclear weapons

• No serious proponent of disarmament argues that the US should eliminate its nuclear arsenal unilaterally

-As long as other states have nuclear weapons, the US should remain a credible restraint

• Steps toward zero by the US won’t cause Korea to disarm or Iran to drop its nuclear ambitions

- The US would be seeking to gather the support of the other non-nuclear weapon states that are members of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, rather than seeking to influence North Korea, Iran or any other

• US shouldn’t ignore its allies

-The United States working toward disarmament might lead some US allies to seek their own nuclear weapons

• US disarmament efforts should not be delinked from the wider security picture

- US disarmament efforts should be probable upon improvements in the wider security movements

Tactical vs. Strategic Nuclear Weapons

There are two different types of nuclear weapons: tactical and strategic. Tactical means that it directly effects a tactical situation on a battlefield. It would be directly used on troops, tanks or ships. Tactical...
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