Nuclear Power Terms

Topics: Neutron, Nuclear fission, Nuclear fusion Pages: 4 (1210 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Nuclear Power Assignment

-Containment structure:
This is usually a big concrete dome or structure that protects workers and the area around it from potentially dangerous radiation. The walls of the structure are metres thick of concrete to absorb the radiation.

The reactor is the most important part of the process as it produces heat which forms steam to power the turbines therefore creating electricity. It uses uranium-235 or in some cases plutonium-239.

-Control rods:
Control rods are the component which makes nuclear fission stable and safe. They are placed in-between the fuel source to absorb any unwanted neutrons. These may be consist of many different elements but the most common used are silver-indium-cadmium alloys as they are great absorbers of neutrons, are very strong and are easily manufactured.

-Steam generator:
This is where water is heated to create steam to power the turbines. The coolant from the reactor takes the heat away and passed the steam generator which boils the water and creates steam. Water is the substance used in this process.

-Steam line:
Directs the steam produced from the steam generator to the turbines.

The turbines are moved by the incoming steam and the movement from the turbines power the generator which creates electricity.

-Cooling tower:
A cooling tower is where the waste heat is cooled mostly by air. The warm moist air is blown into the atmosphere and the cooled water is then collected at the bottom and then sent back into the steam generator to produce steam again.

Nuclear fission is a process where a large fissile atomic nucleus absorbs an extra neutron. This extra neutron makes the atom unstable so it splits into two or more atoms releasing kinetic energy, gamma rays and free neutrons. These free neutrons are then absorbed by other fissile atoms and the process continues. The reaction is controlled by one main component called a moderator. This slows down the...
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