nuclear power

Topics: Nuclear power, Chernobyl disaster, Nuclear fission Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Nuclear power is “safe”. The UK now has enough radioactive waste to fill the Royal Albert Hall five times over. It is more reliable than other types of power and creates very little emissions. However the cons just outweigh the pros. Where is all this waste meant to go to? The waste will probably end up in the environment harming the earth. It is deemed safe but an accident occurred, the consequences would be catastrophic like the Chernobyl disaster. It has been twenty years since the worst nuclear disaster happened; Chernobyl. Also the 2011 Fukushima disaster showed the world that nuclear power is clearly fundamentally unsafe. Furthermore people are being affected by cancer and deformities. It has also caused mental health problems- according to the IAEA the "designation of the affected population as "victims" rather than "survivors" has led them to perceive themselves as helpless, weak and lacking control over their future. Nuclear power is inherently dangerous and, despite claims of improvements in safety, scientists agree that another disaster on the scale of Chernobyl could still happen anytime, anywhere. Nuclear power is dangerous, hazardous and harmful. The nuclear industry is hugely expensive. The construction and generating costs of nuclear power are greater than most renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Added to these costs are associated with dismantling nuclear stations and waste disposal. The cleanup costs of the UK’s existing nuclear industry and its waste alone have been estimated at up to £100bn. That is £100bn of public money. Nuclear power plants normally take 5-10 years to construct as there are several legal formalities to be completed and mostly it is opposed by the people who live nearby. Nuclear power is too pricey, costly and sumptuous. The nuclear industry transports thousands of tonnes of radioactive waste around the UK by road, rail and sea. There could be the risk of a terrorist attack. Every week, communities up...
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