Nuclear-Free New Zealand

Topics: New Zealand, Greenpeace, Nuclear power Pages: 2 (855 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Nuclear free New Zealand history evaluation

To do this project I have had to research, annotate and gather information about the topic that I choose. The topic is Nuclear Free New Zealand, I opted for this topic because I had never studied it before and I was interested on learning more about it. Gathering the information was quite easy, I think I’ve got plenty of it and it should be enough to cover the entire subject. Annotating the information was quite hard as I was short of ideas and I was quite unsure on how to do it. My teacher allowed me to go to the library to get some print offs and research some more information. 1) I sort that the evidence I found answered all of the focussing questions. I sort that the source about the sinking of the rainbow warrior on page 6 that I found on the greenpeace website answered the question “How did New Zealand become threatened by nuclear power?”. By showing that the French secret agents blew up a boat in Auckland therefore being a threat to New Zealand. “how did the protests go on, what did they do to protest??” was explained on page 3 on the Mururoa protests that I found on Wikipedia and early protests on page 8, also it should be quite relevant as it talks about anti-nuclear protests by New Zealanders or in New Zealand. “What where the impacts of the protest” is also shown on page 3 where it says “A major change in New Zealand society caused by these pacific campaigns was the upsurge in pro anti-nuclear sentiments in New Zealand and as a consequence, the eventual rise of its anti-nuclear policy in 1987.” I also think that it is quite relevant to the question as it explains all about. Information to that question is also shown on Rainbow warrior after the attack on page 6. “How was nuclear power causing a threat to New Zealanders?” Is shown on the page about the thinking of the rainbow warrior that I found in wikipedia and on page 1 Historical background.

Overall if you go through my sources and the...
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