Nuclear Family

Topics: Family, Better, Technology Pages: 3 (596 words) Published: April 5, 2011
Research Problem/ topic: The impact of technology on family communication.

Background to Problem /Rationale: Technology provides devices that are designed to make life

simpler in almost all areas. Devices such as the telephone and the computer are used by many as

a means of communication. Family members enjoy this and also suffer from the use of these


Statement of the Problem: Does technology improve family communication?

Aims and Objectives:

Technology is making communication much easier on the deaf community. The new iphone four allows deaf and people hard of hearing to communicate instantly with the phones new feature “face time”. Face time allows for video conferencing and so family members can now communicate with each other.

Through different television shows individuals are influenced to do whatever. This at times opposes family views on certain situations and so may result in a breakdown of communication within the family. The paper looks at several studies that argue that technology improves communication among families. The paper discusses the modern technologies that allow constant communication with family members, help children gain more independence, bridge distance gaps and improve family-school relationships. The paper reaches the conclusion that technology appears to be an excellent way to communicate with family members, however, it should not replace face-to-face communication.

Bridging Distance Gaps
Technology Fosters Independence
New Opportunities to Keep Tabs on Family Members
Improving Family-School Relationships

Jamaica earns billions of dollars annually in remittances from its nationals living overseas; however, local research has shown the impact of the emigration of its citizens has not been entirely positive. The long distances between relatives abroad and loved ones in Jamaica have been contributing to the breakdown of familial bonds. Remittance inflows are the country's chief source of...
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