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About the Company
NTPC Limited is the largest state-owned power generating company in India. Forbes Global2000 for 2009 ranked it 317th in the world. It is an Indian public sector company, at present the Government of India holds 84.5% of its equity. With a current generating capacity of 31134MW, NTPC has embarked on plans to become a 75,000 MW company by 2017. It was founded on November 7, 1975. NTPC's core business is engineering, construction and operation of power generating plants and providing consultancy to power utilities in India and abroad. The company identified competency, commitment, culture and system as the four pillars of its human resource strategy. In relation to its human resource management, the company's corporate plan stated that, ‘it aimed to create a culture of team-work, empowerment and responsibility to convert knowledge into productive action with speed, creativity and flexibility’ and thereby gain a knowledge-based competitive edge. The total installed capacity of the company is 31134 MW with 15 coal based and 7 gas based stations located across the country. In addition, 3 stations are coal based & another station uses naphtha as fuel. By 2017, the power generation portfolio is expected to have a diversified fuel mix with coal based capacity of around 53000 MW, 10000 MW through gas, 9000 MW through Hydro generation, about 2000 MW from nuclear sources and around 1000 MW from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). NTPC has adopted a multi-pronged growth strategy which includes capacity addition through green field projects, expansion of existing stations, joint ventures, subsidiaries and takeover of stations. NTPC has been operating its plants at high efficiency levels. Although NTPC‟s share at 31 March 2001 of the total installed capacity of the country was 24.51% and it generated 29.68% of the power of the country in 2008-09. Every fourth home in India is lit by NTPC. 170.88 BU of electricity was produced by its stations in the financial year 2005-2006. The Net Profit after Tax on March 31, 2006 was INR 58,202 million. Net Profit after Tax for the quarter ended June 30, 2006 was INR 15528 million, which is 18.65% more than for the same quarter in the previous financial year 2005. The Rs 49,478.86-crore power major employs about 25,000 die-hard loyalists, who take pride in the 35-year-old brand and its empowerment attributes. Call it branding through inspiration-setting up power stations in record time, lighting every fourth bulb in the country, man power productivity et al. That may explain the ultra-low 0.9% attrition and the highly efficient 0.82 man-to-megawatt ratio. "In 3-5 years, we'll get it down to 0.5," resolves RC Shrivastav, Director (HR). While the company is now developing a pipeline of leaders for key leadership positions with its home grown Leadership Assessment and Development System (LEADS), it has also come up with a system of rewarding exemplary ideas from within. The Idea Portal of NTPC (IPoN) and NTPC Open Competition for Executive Talent (NOCET) are sterling examples.

Though the company hires 1,200-1,500 executives and about 500 workmen each year, the numbers seem to nosedive significantly in the coming years with growing automation and outsourcing at the lower end of the business chain. But the company remains uncompromising in attracting people with the right mindset to its plants and offices-those who can sink in to the working style of a public sector company and yet be highly productive. And since most of the plant locations are at remote places, the gender ratio would seem a bit warped at 1:18 (men: women). But then, at the executive cadre, NTPC is now dealing with that disparity too with more women coming in to functional roles. The company recruits every year through a highly competitive ET test. Every year about 1.5 Lac students take the exam and 500-600 candidates are selected after an interview. The Stream wise distribution is as follows: Mechanical Engineers -...
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