NT2670 Unit 2 Assignment

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Email and Web Services GRADED ASSIGNMENTS

Unit 2 Assignment 1: Identifying HTML Tags

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes
In this assignment, you will identify HTML tags.

Assignment Requirements
Evaluate the following scenario:

In order to test your IIS server implementation you decide to create a test web site using HTML. Your Senior Administrator suggests you familiarize yourself with some basic HTML tags before you begin. Using the links below and Internet research, list the usage for each of the HTML tags in the table below.


Creates an html document

Set off the visible portion of the document

Creates bold text

Creates a new paragraph

Creates italic text

Break in the line

Body background color

Creates the largest headline

Creates the smallest headline

Adds an image

Creates a hyperlink

Creates an image/link

Aligns a paragraph


1. What would be the syntax for printing “Hello World” in bold and italics?

Hello World

2. How would you set the background color of your page to black?

Hello World

3. How would you center the text “Hello World” on your page?

Hello World

4. How would you make the image C:\Images\MyImage.jpg appear on your page?

Hello World
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