NT2670 Lab 2 1 Questions

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Lab 2-1 Questions
1. Which computer is hosting the Administrator account that you specified in the authentication? Server 1A
2. Which of the previous task could be completed using Server Manager instead of other consoles? 3. Based on the information in the main Server Manager display, what roles are currently installed on the computer? None

4. What features are currently installed on the computer?
5. What was the result of the installation?
Installation Succeeded
6. What happens to the wizard when you select the File Services checkbox? It was added in the left pane and Role Services appeared
7. What happens to the wizard when you select the Windows Search Services checkbox? Volumes to Index appeared
8. What happens to the wizard if you select the Windows Server 2003 File Services checkbox? It says Windows Search Service and Indexing Service cannot both be installed on the same server. Lab 2-2 Questions

1. Why is the Windows Process Activation Services needed to run the Web Server (IIS) role? Provides a reliable, manageable, and scalable web application infrastructure. 2. What conclusion can you draw from this result?

The web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory 3. What do you predict will happen when you refresh the Internet Explorer page again? Why? The IIS7 webpage appeared
4. What is the result this time? Why is the result different? is the default address for the web page
5. What was the result this time? Why is the result different? It displayed hyperlinks to the iisstart folder and IIS7 web picture 6. How is this error message page different from the previous one? You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied 7. Why is it necessary to change the Save as Type value All Files? So it can read the .htm file

8. What happens?
It went to the IIS7 web page
9. What happens now?
The sales.htm I created appeared
10. How is IIS7...

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