Nt2580 Unit 2 Lab 1

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Unit 2: Lab 1:
Cost of different cloud services: Amazon: Has a price range of $0.060 per hour on a Linux based system and goes up to $0.155 per hour for a Windows with SQL and Web system. You can purchase a per year upfront cost or stay at a monthly cost. Google: Offers you two pricing options, $5 per user per month or $10 per user per month. The $5 option does not give you any archiving, data retrieval or data discovery and export options. Where the $10 a month per user has those options. Rackspace: The pricing ranges from $0.022 per hour to $2.64 per hour for more resources. Bandwidth is calculated separately.
With Amazon, you get anywhere between 5GB and 1TB depending upon how much you’d like to pay for the privilege. Amazon passes on to you the financial benefits of Amazon’s scale. You pay a very low rate for the compute capacity you actually consume. To use Amazon EC2, you simply:
Select a pre-configured, templated Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to get up and running immediately. Or create an AMI containing your applications, libraries, data, and associated configuration settings.
Configure security and network access on your Amazon EC2 instance. Choose which instance type(s) you want, then start, terminate, and monitor as many instances of your AMI as needed, using the web service APIs or the variety of management tools provided.
Determine whether you want to run in multiple locations, utilize static IP endpoints, or attach persistent block storage to your instances.
Pay only for the resources that you actually consume, like instance-hours or data transfer.
With Google, it’s a little more complicated. There didn't used to be a single locker but now the Big G has taken care of that one with the launch of the Google Drive. You get 5GB of space plus 1GB of Picasa storage for free along with any space in your Docs and Gmail section. There's an apparent maximum storage space on the Google Drive itself up to 100GB but you can rent more space from

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