NT 2580 Project Part 2

Topics: Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista Pages: 6 (2096 words) Published: April 8, 2014
Issue one. Based on the premise that Richman has 5,000 employees throughout the main office and several branch offices, you must research solutions and detail the appropriate access controls including policies, standards, and procedures that define who users are, what they can do, which resources they can access, and which operations they can perform on a system. Issue two. Based on the premise that most of the managers have BlackBerry devices for instant communications and all employees are provided cell phones, you must research and detail the cryptography methods to protect organizational information using techniques that ensure its integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, and non-repudiation, and the recovery of encrypted information in its original form. Issue three. Based on the premise that there is a mix of computer running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X, you must research and devise a plan to thwart malicious code and activity by implementing countermeasures and prevention techniques for dealing with viruses, worms, logic bombs, Trojan horses, and other related forms of intentionally created deviant code. Issue four. You must research and formulate a plan to implement monitoring and analysis based on the premise that all employees have Internet access to browse the Web, there is no policy on the use of removable media, and several of the branch offices have encountered issues with malware recently. You must determine system implementation and access in accordance with defined IT criteria as well as how to collect information for identification of and response to security breaches or events. Issue five. Because Richman hosts an internet for employees to access information about the company and enroll in company benefits programs, and because Richman also hosts an extranet for its business partners, you must research and devise a method to secured networks and communications. This should include the network structure, transmission methods and techniques, transport formats, and security measures used to operate both private and public communication networks. Issue six. Based on the premise that the Phoenix office contains two proxy servers configured as an array which provide Web cache services and internet access control for Richman, and that the majority of applications are Web-based and hosted from Phoenix office, you must assess risk, response, and recovery. Conduct a review of the implementation processes essential to the identification, measurement, and control of loss associate with uncertain events. Issue seven. The corporate security policy is out of date and each branch office differs, so you must research and define security operations and administration including the identification of information assets and documentation of policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines that ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Solution 1: With Windows Server 2008 Applications, you can make OU’s, Groups and User’s, and you can set GPO’s for the OU’s, Groups and / or Users requirements or restrictions. Below are some reasons for upgrading to Windows Server 2008 R2 with service Pack 1(SP1). As we go through each one of the issues stated above we address the concerns and exploit Windows Server 2008. With the new technology of today and the improvements with Windows Server 2008, not only is Windows Server 2008 an OSI, but much more than that. So let us take a look at some of the good reasons for upgrading. Windows Server provides new virtualization technology that enables you to deliver more advanced capabilities to your business for increased IT efficiency and agility. Whether you want to consolidate servers, build a private cloud or offer Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, the addition of these powerful virtualization features enables you to take your datacenter and desktop virtualization strategy to a new level. Windows Server is the newest Windows Server operating system...
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