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NT 1310 Week 2 Notes

By bebegurl619 May 05, 2015 312 Words
NT 1310 – Week 2

Unit 3
Key concept 1: cables types
6a cabling can do 10 GB over it, however 10 Gig switches are expensive. Cable structure
4 pairs of copper cable
Number of twists varies per inch
N shielding
Very easy to work with
Most common cable for LAN
Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7 will be defined in standards later in the course Most susceptible to Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
Similar to UTP
Pairs shielded
Core shielded
Single conducting core
Central glass core
Cladding prevents light loss
Single-Mode – laser
Multi- mode – led
Multiple beams
Larger core
Usually LAN
General purpose
~ Twists per inch
~ Gauge
~ Length
~ Solid/stranded
Standards Organization
Brief Tour of 568-C
T568A and T568B termination standards
Specify required UTP pin-out orders for termination

TIA-569-B specifies entrance facility and equipment rooms
Equipment room
Raised for access underneath
Network Topology
Topology refer to the physical layout
Single cable connects all machines.
Each machine links to the cable using a t-connector.
Each end of the cable requires a terminator (resistor).
A break in the cable results in a total communication Failure.

Single cable connects all machines
Each machine links to the cable

Single cable connects each machine to central

Full mesh
Partial mesh

Network Applications
Fiber Data Distributed Interface (FDDI)

Data Communications 101
Maximum frequency at each data can be transmitted and received effectively A function of distance, frequency, and signal to noise (SNR)

Data Rate
The number of bits per second that are transmitted on a cable Common measure for copper and fibber
Transmission Challenges
Anything electrical on the cable that is not part of the original signal Crosstalk

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