NT 1310 Unit 4 Exercise 1 Cabling Definitions

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Unit 4 Exercise 1 Cabling – Definitions

Horizontal Cable
The cabling between and including the telecommunications outlet and the horizontal cross-connect. Backbone Cable
Cable connection between telecommunications or wiring closets, floor distribution terminals, entrance facilities, and equipment rooms either within or between buildings. Patch Cords
An electrical or optical cable used to connect (“patch-in”) one electronic or optical device to another for signal routing. Devices of different types (e.g. a switch connected to a computer or a switch to a router) are connected with patch cords. Connectors

A device attached to the end of a cable, receiver, or light source that joins it with another cable, device or fiber. A connector is a mechanical device used to align and join two conductors or fibers together to provide a means for attaching and decoupling it to a transmitter, receiver, or another fiber. Conduit

Rigid or flexible metallic or nonmetallic raceway of circular cross section in which cables are housed for protection and to prevent burning cable from spreading flames or smoke in the event of a fire. Racks

A frame-like structure where patch panels, switches, and other network equipment are installed. Punch-down blocks
Generic name for any cross-connect block where the individual wires in UTP are placed into a terminal groove and “punched down” with a special tool. The groove pierces the insulation and makes contact with the inner conductor. Consolidation Points

A location defined by the ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B standard for interconnection between horizontal cables that extends from building pathways and horizontal cables that extend into work area pathways. Crimpers

Device that is used to install a crimp-on connector Crimping involves the act of using the crimping tool to install the connector. Fish tape
Made of a narrow band of spring steel, by careful manipulation, the tape can be guided through confined spaces such as...
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