Nstp Reflection Paper

Topics: Tutorial, Tutor, Education Pages: 4 (1460 words) Published: April 28, 2013
My NSTP during this semester was quite challenging and taskful. Challenging because I am not really a patient person and I’m not that good when it comes to teaching. Taskful because there were lot of things to do and accomplish that made me tire every Saturday. On the contrary from what I had expected, it gave me fun and bit of excitement throughout. Being the Team Leader is very hard. You have to be influential enough to get your members to follow you willingly. You must have analytical skills, a decision-making ability and a go-getter attitude. You must possess virtues like integrity, dedication, fairness and an open mind to greet new ideas and innovate. As I did my duty, sometimes I glance on my classmates on what they are busy doing of. Just like me, they are also busy handling and teaching those children. They laughed with their students and gave them activities as well. This whole teaching experience was indeed my unforgettable experience. I really won’t forget this because it taught me several lessons. I witnessed many scenes that a teacher encounters in her teaching career. I felt what a professional teacher felt when she wants her students to learn something new from her. Here, I felt pity with the students not having a proper care from their family. So this experience was my most unforgettable ever in my NSTP subject. I learned so many things in this teaching experience. I learned how to be more prepared for the materials that I needed, to be patient in making my student understand our lesson, and to be a good listener. I learned the difficulty of teaching 8-year old student and the joy I got from it. I learned how to have sympathy for others, to understand their weaknesses and to appreciate their abilities. Most of all, I learned how to socialize with other people, expose myself to the community and adopt their surroundings. At the end of the 1st semester, our NSTP program will also end. I am glad that for over a short period of time, I am able to...
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