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I woke up too early on a Sunday morning not certain on how has it going to be on our first day on NSTP. I’ve only got one thing in mind for sure, that Sunday classes, especially NSTP classes are if not a sleep jerker it’ll be one boring subject. I have come to talk to a lot of former NSTP students from last semesters and they all have got one distinct response. That is NSTP is really a boring subject. Having that in mind, I came to class with hesitation and discomfort towards my classmates. It is quite unusual for me to be coming to school or on class with hesitation but I attended the class anyway.

My perception to NSTP class has changed upon the arrival of our professors. They came in class with full of energy and enthusiasm in teaching and I appreciate that being a teacher myself. They that kind charisma, which made me, think that this NSTP class is far and will be far different from the NSTP classes my classmates and schoolmates have talked about. The class will surely be not boring and it’ll be an interactive and engaging class.

On our first day for our NSTP, our professors have discussed about the in and outs of the course. We were given a fair share of information as to what NSTP course would cover. We were informed of the different areas the NSTP is under. I’ve come to know that NSTP is categorized into three other areas namely: the CWTS, the LTS, and the ROTC. Our NSTP will be focusing on CWTS, which will give us the opportunity to act and be socially aware of the problem and needs of our society today.

The discussion on our Module 1 made me realize that our government is actually doing everything they can to impart the sense of volunteerism to every student so that we may be able to address at least the minimal problem of our society. I have also come to realize that with teamwork everything is possible. This realization has become clear to me especially through the different activities that our...
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