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At first, I considered NSTP as just a required course that I need to take. I chose CWTS because I find ROTC and LTS hard and stressful. My friends studying in other universities said that CWTS is the simplest because they just clean the surroundings and held feeding programs in different barangays. But based on what I experienced, it was more than that.

When Ma’am said to us that we will be having our field work in, I was very excited and nervous at the same time. I was excited because I want to experience interviewing different people and going to different places to see what is really happening in this world. I was nervous because I have this feeling that some people will ignore and get angry to us.

On our first day of field work, we had trouble approaching the people because they were busy doing their thing. But after the warm welcome of our first respondent, we became confident. The people of Barangay Bayog were very nice and hospitable. They helped us finding pregnant women and children 2 years old below. Some even share their life to us, and their love story. I never expected that they will let us enter their homes. I was very touched.

I felt sad when some pregnant women didn’t have their check up and some children don’t have birth certificates and proper medicinal support and vaccines. The barangay should be aware of it. They should receive the proper medicinal care because they have rights for it. I hope that the results of our report may help Barangay Bayog to provide the proper health care to the pregnant women and children.

I’m very proud to be one of the students who experienced interviewing these people. It served as an eye opener to me that the services we have are not enough for all the people. We have a long way to go before the government can provide all the things that are needed in every individual. But I believe that in our own little ways, we can help in giving slight solutions to these big problems.

NSTP2 CWTS is more than just...
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