NSA Spying

Topics: Fiction, Antarctica, Short story Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: April 1, 2014
The NSA is the United State's security agency. It has many spying capabilities and many people are worried about them. I personally am not that worried about the NSA. The NSA is keeping the United States safe from foreign aggresors and also protecting domestic terrorism. Edward Snowden, a former agenency contractor, leaked some information about the NSA and has gotten people upset about their "rights." They have been breaking people's "rights" since 1952, but back then no one was complaining. Whether people like it or not, they are constantly spying on them. It honestly does not concern me because due to the fact I am not a terrorist or anyone that does harm. If the NSA is invading your "rights," you can try to stop them but in reality, you are doing nothing. Even if the U.S. decides to stop the National Security Agency they will still be spying on you. The NSA is not going to snoop around your emails and look at your "selfies." They are protecting the U.S from foreign and domestic affairs. Even though they missed the bombings recently does not mean it is not useful. If the U.S removed the NSA completely, we would be open to invasion and more affairs. The article is biased and is trying to look at all the bad things. Would you rather have protection in the exchange of your "rights" or would you have no protection in exchange for your life? The NSA makes me feel safe and does not worry me much.

In The Open Window the mood starts off pleasant and full of hospitality, but then the mood turns sinister as readers learn of a dark illness that supposedly lies in the aunt but when it is revealed that the niece was lying it turns the mood by making the readers feel a sense of violation because the story really has the reader believing the niece up to the climax.

In “swimming to Antarctica” – the mood starts of with the readers feeling the anticipation of the swim. There is fear mainly of the unknown but when the swim starts the mood turns desperate the cold water...
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