Nra: Gun Control in the United States

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National Rifle Association
Gun Control in the United States

If there is any organization in the United States of America that deserves a donation of $10,000, it is without a doubt, the National Rifle Association, otherwise known as the NRA. The National Rifle Association has been fighting for our Constitutional right to own firearms since 1871, and has done a great job since then. Not only does the NRA fight for our rights, it also has in active role in training people to learn how to properly use firearms when it comes to anything, from home protection, to military, to sport, to law enforcement. The mission statement of the National Rifle Association, according to co-founder William C. Church, is to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.” This can be interpreted a few different ways, and the NRA has clearly made advancements over the years, and has added things to the list of their mission. The National Rifle Association strives to get people to understand how to use all sorts of firearms, and to protect our rights to own them. The National Rifle Association was founded by Colonel William C. Church and General George Wingate on November 17, 1871. It was official after they were granted a charter by New York State. It all started thanks to the Civil War. William C. Church and George Wingate were both Union soldiers at the time. They were very disappointed by the inaccuracy shown by their troops, so they wanted to create some kind of organization that would help with that problem. Former Rhode Island governor, United States Senator, and general in the Civil War, Ambrose Burnside became the first official president of the NRA. The first priority of the NRA was to find a practice ground, which they did on Long Island, New York in 1872 with financial aid from the state. In 1892 though, the range was moved to Sea Girt, New Jersey. By 1903, the National Rifle Association was strongly promoting youth involvement in shooting sports,...
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