NP Job Description

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NP Job Description
St. Catherine University
NURS 7200
Tami J Hirsch
November 11, 2014

Describe the Position
Advanced practice nurses are a comprehensive category of registered nurses who have completed advanced clinical nurses' educational practice requirements outside the two to four years of basic nursing education required for all registered nurses. Under the advanced practice nursing title fall four categories of nursing specialties: clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, nurse-midwives, and nurse anesthetists (APRN, 2013).

The qualifications in the state of Minnesota to become a licensed nurse practitioner include four components. One must first earn a masters or doctorate degree from a program that is accredited by one of the national accreditation agencies for nurse education schools recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. The second step includes earning ones national certification. To do this, one must pass a certified board examination demonstrating to the Board that one has met educational, experiential and examination standards for the APRN role. As an advanced practice registered nurse in Minnesota, one must notify the Minnesota Board of Nursing each time one has achieved national certification in an APRN area. If one fails to apply for one’s licensure, one may be subject to a penalty. Finally, one must continue to renew and maintain their licensure as both a registered nurse as well as an APRN. Additionally, by the stated of Minnesota, one must satisfy continual education requirements (AANP, 2013).

According to the Minnesota board of nursing, the advanced practice registered nurse must practice within the specified field of nursing for which they have been certified. Neither the Minnesota Nurse Practice Act nor the Minnesota Board of Nursing provides a specific list of nursing tasks or procedures, which identified what is the “Scope of Practice” of the practical, professional, or advanced practice registered nurse (Minnesota Board of Nursing, 2014). Scope is established by standards of practice. Employers have policies and procedures, which help refine the scope of practice within their organization, which are consistent with laws and practice standards. Additionally, APRNs are liable and accountable for practicing tasks and responsibilities which they have received education and feel competent performing for the safety and overall well being of the patients receiving care.

APRNs should maintain professional relationships with all individuals and employees at the workplace. In the state of Minnesota, a new practice act was passed in 2014 allowing nurse practitioners to practice independently if licensed prior to January 2015. New graduating APRNs will be required to accumulate 2080 hours of collaboration with a physician prior to working independently. APRNs are overseen or managed in many work settings by either a health care executive, physician, or nurse manager. Typically, annual reviews are performed and the contract is reviewed.

Describe the Conditions:
The need and popularity of a nurse practitioner has grown exponentially since the 1960’s when the role was first instituted. Numerous hospitals, educational institutions, and clinics have seen the value a nurse practitioner brings to their staff. Due to these advancements and changes work conditions have additionally changed and morphed throughout the years. 1. Salary: The median range for a primary care nurse practitioner in the state of Minnesota is roughly $82,590 annually. This range varies widely by the environment in which the practitioner works as well as the geographic location (AANP, 2013). 2. Workload:

a. Primary care providers typically see between twenty to twenty-five patients in an eight-hour period with twenty-minute appointments. As a new graduate and new employee one could be expected to take between ten to...

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