Now and Then
Topics: 1960s, United States, Vietnam War, 1969 / Pages: 4 (936 words) / Published: Mar 19th, 2013

Angela Taylor
English 111
January 28th, 2013

Now and Then

Today's society depends upon fighting for you and you alone. Not caring about other people’s wants, needs or what they deserve. Although there once was a time when it was not always like this; the fact of life came into play as it always does. People change. Our society has changed drastically over the past fifty years. We have become an information society. In today’s world we rely on our televisions, cell phones, radios, and computers for everything under the moon. However times were different in the 1960’s. Life in the 1960s was both better for the people and significantly different to life today.
There are two different positions taken about the 1960's in America. One side says that the sixties were good for America and changed the way Americans live for the better. The other side says that the sixties were bad for America and gave Americans new freedoms and ideas that changed their lives for the worse. Both positions have evidence to support their arguments and make the sixties look like a time of social and economic freedom and reform or make the sixties look like a time of ignorant rebellion and youthful playfulness that is not acceptable in the real world. However with both of these positions, we first need to have a better perspective of what really happened in the nineteen sixties so that we can compare it to the world we live in today in America. When comparing the 1960s to today, there are many significant differences. The nineteen sixties held many events that were unique to that era. Events such as the Vietnam War, the first TV debate to even the first landing on the moon, and today we are trying to find ways to advance technology even further. These two eras also had different lifestyles, technology, clothing, music, vehicles, and logics. The sixties were better than the life now because the world had not yet advanced as much as it has today, and life was revolved more around family

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