Novo Nordisk

Topics: Copenhagen, Novo Nordisk, Growth hormone Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: August 3, 2012
* Structure of the report
The report consists of three main chapters:
Chapter 1 includes the reason for choosing topic 8 and the reasons why I choose “Novo Nordisk A/S” (Novo Nordisk) for my research report; the aims and objectives of the report; an explanation of my researching approaches in the analysis of financial and non-financial information.

Chapter 2 contains the information gathering sources and techniques; accounting and business techniques and their limitations.

Chapter 3 includes detailed presentation of financial and business analysis by charts, statistic evidence, and business analysis models, with detail comparison of Novo Nordisk against its main competitors; its also contains the financial and business conclusions.

* Reason for choosing the topic 8: An evaluation of the business and financial performance of Novo Nordisk A/S

The company I work for is a registered company. During the ACCA courses, I proudly found that I can use what I have learned from the courses and apply those skills and competences in my real work. Further, I gradually recognized that I am very interested in the area regarding performance analysis of companies. Through such performance analysis, not only can I understand the Annual Reports, adopt the IFRS but also reach my own conclusions based on the performance analysis and business analysis methodically and logically. I am interested in analyzing and comparing financial figures of different companies in different periods and finding factors and trends leading to such changes. My competence, knowledge and skills can be enhanced and extended though my professional studies which will improve my effectiveness as a financial professional. Therefore, after discussed with my mentor, I believe that topic No.8 is the best one for me. Novo Nordisk A/S is a Danish registered company, listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. It is a world leading...
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