November Blues

Topics: Young adult novels, English-language films, Family Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: November 16, 2008
November Blues
Sharon M. Draper

The Title of my book is called November Blues, and the Author is Sharon M. Draper. In the book November Blues the main characters are all kids and they’re names are November Nelson, Josh Prescott, Dana, Olivia, and Jericho Prescott. November Nelson Loses her boyfriend to a pledge stunt gone wrong, and he leave a little peace of him behind, 2 Months after Josh’s death November finds out that she is pregnant with Josh’s baby. Josh Prescott is November’s boyfriend who dies in the pledge stunt gone wrong, and the Father Of her baby. Dana she a very popular girl everybody likes her; she is one of Novembers best friends and is the first to find out that November is pregnant. Olivia is a quiet girl, over weight, gets pick on a lot until she met November in the bathroom, when November first found out she was pregnant. Jericho Prescott is Josh’s Prescott’s best friend and cousin. He was also in the pledge with Josh when Josh was doing the stunt and it went wrong, after his cousin died he stopped playing the trumpet and started playing football to get out the anger and pain. Minor Characters

Minor Characters are Mr., and Mrs. Prescott, and Mrs. Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Prescott they are the parents of Josh, they were very disappointed when Josh died they were not the same until the found out that November Nelson was going to have a baby. Now they want November’s baby and they are trying to take her to court to get custody of the baby when it’s born. Mrs. Nelson is November’s mom; she lost her husband and is taking care of November by herself. When she found out that November was going to have a baby she was astonished, disappointed, and outraged. Theme of the Story

The theme of the story is when you are a teenager and you think about having because everyone else is doing it, or just because, then your going to have to pay the price that comes alone with it. So be smart and use your head this decision can effect you forever....
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