Topics: La Tormenta, Natasha Klauss, Family Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Maria Teresa (Natalia Stregnard) is a woman accustom to livening in the city, but she has to move to live at ‘La Tormenta’ her family’s estate to try to save her family from financial ruin. The family is facing economic problems and she thinks La Tormenta will save them from bankruptcy. Maria Teresa is a hard working woman that leaves her business in the city and goes to work at the family’s country estate. She is convinced that it will not be an easy task but it would not be impossible. Her family inherit La Tormenta from her mother when she passes away. When Maria Teresa arrives to the estate, she realized that situation will not be like she had imagined she is faced with a hostile environmental filled of conflicts. When she takes over the administration responsibility, she meets Santos Torrealba (Christian Mejer), the estate’s administrator, and realizes that they are very different people. Since the first day, they declare war and both of them realize that they can’t live under the same roof. They can’t avoid seeing each other but each time they do they confront each other, ending in an unfavorable quarrel. They try to do the impossible to separate themselves from each other to avoid any conflict, but instead of that an intense passion filing grow between them. Maria Teresa find herself among people with different morals, feelings and ambitions that affect her, making her job more difficult. She is a strong woman; sure of herself and thinks she will be able reach her goal even though the towns’ people don’t believe it. Among these people there are people with bad filings, one of them is Maria Teresa’s cousin, Isabela Montilla (Natasha Klauss), a beautiful woman, cruel and calculating to whom Don Ernesto Montilla (Alejandro Buenaventura) became her protector since her parents’ death. She always has always envied Maria Teresa. Edelmira Guerrero (Kristina Lilley) is envious and a bad woman who tries at all cost to obtain position of the...
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