Novel Study To Kill A Mockingbird

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First paragraph:

In every kid’s mind, father means the brace in their family who assumes the honour of family. However, if the brace collapse, the family honour shall come down to the kids. In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet the main theme is the theme of vengeance and the need of the characters to protect their family's honor. This does not only have to do with Hamlet himself but is also illustrated in two other important characters of the play, Fortinbras and Laertes. Hamlet intends to revenge on his uncle Claudius for killing his father and robbing his father’s throne; Fortinbras aspires to conquer Denmark to recover the lands and power lost by his father as a way of honoring and avenging his father; Laertes is the third son who tries to avenge his father, after finding out Polonius was killed by Hamlet, Laertes’ honour to his father defeats his judgment and causes him controlled by Claudius to murder Hamlet. All three of these characters are faced with the problem of having to avenge their nemesis that had previously hurt their family. The family’s honour could cause people lose intellect even to the point of exacting a terrible revenge.

Body paragraph

The most obvious example for “family honor causes destruction and vengeance” is Hamlet’s revenge. The family honour is important to Hamlet to the extent that although he does not have a strong desire to seek the revenge, he has to do the revenge because it is the final duty to his father and his family. Hamlet never totally accepts his father's challenge to seek revenge on Claudius. Hamlet, expressing his own desires, does not want to take revenge on Claudius, but has to comply as a duty: "O cursed spite / That ever I was born to set it right!" (Act 1 scene 1 215-216). This is what Hamlet wrestles with throughout the play: he has promised his father's ghost he will seek revenge against Claudius and he is frustrated with himself that it takes him so long to carry it out. “How all occasions do inform against me

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