Novel Resource for Abduction by: Peg Kehret

Topics: Family Pages: 11 (1954 words) Published: August 26, 2011
Novel Resource for Abduction!
by: Peg Kehret

|Title: abduction |Abduction! | |Author: |Peg Kehret | |Publisher: |Dutton Children’s Books | |Copyright Date: |2004 |

|About the Author: |Peg Kehret was born Margaret Ann Schulze in Wisconsin, moved to Minnesota when she was eight, and attended the University of Minnesota and California State | |(Interesting facts, etc) |Colleges for one year each. When she was a child, she had a bout with polio, which paralyzed her from the neck down for nine months. She married Carl | | |Kehret, adopted two children and moved to Washington State where she still lives. She published her first book in 1979 and her first children’s book in 1985| | |and has since written dozens more. She received her first Children’s Book Honor in 1986 and has received many more since. She and her husband traveled all | | |over the United States in a motor home so she could speak at schools, libraries and conferences. She is active in animal welfare causes, enjoys reading, | | |watching baseball and gymnastics, and playing with her pets and four grandchildren. | |Web Address: | | |E-Mail: | | | | | |Mailing Address: |Peg Kehret, P.O. Box 303, Wilkeson, WA 98396 | |Picture: |[pic] | |Connection to the Book: |Peg Kehret recently told Contemporary Authors that she enjoys writing books that are entertaining and share her values at the same time. A recurring theme | | |she uses is that violence is never a solution and the characters in her books will use their brains to get out of trouble instead of a weapon. This is | | |evident in Abduction! when Bonnie and Matt must get away from their abductor by using a baseball. She is an animal lover and will use animals in her | | |stories. Again, the family dog, Pookie, is taken as a lure to abduct Matt. She is also a baseball fan and in the story, Bonnie finds Matt at a Mariner’s | | |baseball game. | |Other books by this...
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