Novel: Family and Stella

Topics: Family, Stepfamily, Father Pages: 3 (1258 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Practice 1 – one story you like the best & what lessons you have learned from the story The novel Step by Wicked Step by Anne Fine which I have studied, all the stories are special in their own way but the one that strikes a chord with me is Claudia’s Stories: The Green Pyjamas. The story is about Claudia’s slow but sure acceptance of her stepmother, Stella. In the beginning, she is depicted as young girl who struggles to accept the changes in her life. Her parents have decided to separate ways as their marriage fails with the emergence of Stella, the new woman in her father’s life. Claudia finds it difficult to accept Stella at first but despite Stella’s effort to be friendly to her. However, one eventful incident changes their relationship. The dinner party to celebrate her father’s birthday breaks the ice between Stella and Claudia. Claudia goes out of her way to make the guests realize how rude they have been to Stella. There are many lessons I have learned from this story. First, Claudia is a mature and sensible girl. At the dinner party, she shows that she can put aside her ego and pride by making the guests treat Stella politely. She purposely shows off the green pyjamas given by Stella. The guests act like Stella is invisible and Claudia is angry because Stella is actually a very nice person. This shows her good nature despite her young age. Second, the message in the story is acceptance and tolerance. Learning to cope with her stepmother for Claudia is challenging. It takes a lot of patience and understanding from both sides. This event certainly triggers the beginning of a better relationship between Claudia and Stella. Clearly sometimes in life, we do not have a choice but to accept the circumstances.

Practice 2 – one character that you admire/like/ taught you important lessons/attract your attention Important lessons: we should be responsible towards our family and friends. I choose the novel Step by Wicked Step written by Anne Fine. The...
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