Novel Chapter

Topics: Debut albums, Running, English-language films Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Lost in Lies

It was the middle of July, yet her hands were shaking violently in a cold sweat; her whole body was shivering in fear. A single, icy teardrop dripped down her pale cheek and rolled off her long eyelashes as she blinked. Why did he have to go? Blake’s eyes darted back and forth across the empty streets, looking for a sign of hope, but all she saw were dirty, old men smoking in an alleyway by the trash cans. She carefully looked away, being sure not to make eye contact, or let them see her face. “Why must I always lose the ones I love the most?” she whispered to herself in a cracked voice.

The old men snickered as she walked past, one getting up to approach her.
“Guo lai a leng nui”, the man who got up, now drinking a bottle of beer yelled, as he smirked and motioned for her to come over to where they were sprawled on the filthy cement, like pieces of garbage.

“Say hoi!” she screamed at them, running in a random direction. She ran as fast as she could, tears pouring out of her glossy eyes almost in rhythm with her footsteps. It felt like 30 minutes had passed and she still was running, but she didn’t care about the time. “Escape, escape, they’re after you -- run, run, run,” her mind kept telling her, the same words repeating over and over like a broken record. A ringing phone interrupted her thoughts, so she stopped instantly and glanced around to see who else was out in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Not a single person was there, all around.

“It’s your phone, Blake, you idiot,” she said to herself, rushing to pull her iPhone from her small black bag before it stopped ringing.
“H-h-h-ello?” she whispered, almost out of breath from running, as she wiped the remaining tears from her face.
“Hey, did you get home alright?” a male responded. It was him. It was Kevin. Kevin, who had just spent every single one of the past 10 days of summer with her, who had bought her chocolates, and held her hand...
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