Nourz Mini Mart

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Nourrz mini mart Introduction Nourrz mini mart is a small business which was established in December 2007, as we all know the hardest part of business is establishing “Fear of Failure” The fear of not succeeding simply paralyzes the potential entrepreneur. A lack of confidence “freezes” any chance of getting started but it was very inspirational to see some one who has the courage to start his own business in a foreign country and some more the owner stated that he has some other businesses in Malaysia although he is originally from Egypt. In addition the business operates in a very strategic place in UUM where all the students can get access to it which is near to University Inn hotel and the Arab restaurant and the nature of the business is grocery products such as beverages, biscuits, household products and the likes. Further more the target markets of the business are the customers of the hotel, the restaurant and the students residing in nearby university Inn and Maybank residential hall and the whole university since the reliability of the shop is high in terms of time it is 24/7 open which attracted so many customers and fulfilled the needs of the students incase of emergency need or any necessity.

The business is specializing in wholesale & retail. Nourrz mini mart business foundation is based on its honesty in a step by step footprint, hardship spirit & also taking a stable footstep towards the future. The environment of the business is really satisfying however we have conducted an oral interview about the quality of the product, customer service and etc. 72% answers from customers said that the quality of the products sold in Nourrz mini mart is good while 18% answers from customers responded the quality is less than its competitors.

Most of the respondents believe that it’s much lower price than its competitors however we would like to talk about the nature of the business, suggested income and productivity.

Nature of the business Buscuit...
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