Noughts and Crosses

Topics: White people, Black people, Murder Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: September 15, 2014
Title- Noughts and Crosses
Author- Malorie Blackman
Date finished- 6/10/2013
The story was about white and black people who were called noughts and crosses. I had trouble finding out what noughts and crosses are, but I found that out in prologue after a bit of reading as the pace of the book was very slow. I also kind of had a guess by looking at the book’s cover which displayed a white circle and a cross in black. In the world of noughts and crosses they don’t simply mix and the hostility turns to violence. The world was run by crosses and they treated noughts like nothing and called them blanker. In noughts and crosses world Sephy was a cross, daughter of a rich powerful man who was in politics. Callum was a nought and from my view he didn’t like the crosses to rule over them. Callum and Sephy loved each other but they cannot be together. Callum said to Sephy, “Do you ever wonder if our positions were reversed. I ask. If whites were in charged instead of Crosses.” Callum and Sephy meet each other every evening at the beach and share their thoughts and feelings. This is where I caught the attention of the perspective of the book. The book was written in first person because otherwise I did not have the found Callum’s and Sephy’s emotions between the lines of the book. They were using themselves to tell us what was happening every moment. Therefore, their character was believable and it was gradually developing because Callum and Sephy were going against the world. However, they broke up as their families started to push them. There was a unit called Liberation Militia which brings freedom to noughts and murder crosses, so government agree to their demands. Callum’s dad and his brother Jude was in the Liberation Militia and the exploded a bomb at Dundale shopping centre. Callum wanted noughts and crosses to be regarded equally, but not how the Liberation Militia wants. I was disagreed with Callum’s point of view and I thought Liberation Militia...
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