Notion of Religion

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Notion of Religion
Religion is a cultural universal. It consists of belief and behavior concerned with supernatural beings, powers, and forces. It also encompasses the feelings, meanings, and congregations associated with such beliefs and behavior. We have many concepts and subjects to be studied and we can call them spirituality and religion. These subjects are wide and varied. The great diversity of religious beliefs and practices makes it difficult to determine exactly religion should be defined. Wallace defines religion as “belief and ritual concerned with supernatural beings, powers, and forces. When saying supernatural, he referred to a nonmaterial realm beyond the observable world. Religion is so very diverse. I think it is a personal decision that should be respected. It is natural to want to share your opinions. It should be open for dialog, but should never be imposed. Also it should be separated for the government for the protection of both church and state. Religion is too diverse to propose only one definition. Diversity helps us to accept that there are many ways to live in this world. Religion has so many parts and is very important to people. There is not just Christianity. You have hundreds of other religions and beliefs that need to be accepted by everyone. From an anthropological standpoint, religion serves many functions in society. It is believed that religion serves to explain the physical world. Religion also attempts to control or reduce uncertainty. It is important to note from an anthropological point of view, religion does not serve a singular purpose, but in fact serves many purposes in society. While religions unite a society, they also offer answers to those in need, while giving a society rules of conduct in which adherents should live by. Most importantly religions add to and define cultures. Therefore, by studying a culture’s religion, the culture itself can be better understood.

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