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CGS1060 Assignment 1: Microsoft Word 2010
The purpose of this assignment is for students to use various sources (both print and online) to research a technology-related issue. Students will then write a paper in Microsoft Word that further describes the issue and communicates the student’s position. Content Requirements

Search the Internet for a current technology-related issue/debate. An example of one, which you cannot use for the project, might be whether it’s right or wrong for potential employers to require applicants’ Facebook credentials so that they can peer into their personal lives. This paper should:

* contain a title page including your full name, title of paper (which you can choose), course and lab section number, lab instructor’s name, and the date * include at least four pages of text-based content (this does not include any images, tables, or other visual (non-text) elements. This content should: * introduce the technology-related issue you are writing about, as well as the Web site address of the article you found introducing this issue * describe, in your own words, why the issue is important to you and how it might relate to your everyday life * Describe how you feel about the issue

* include information from at least two additional sources (for a total of three) that provides additional information about the issue * include at least one image in your document (either a photo or clipart) that helps explain a point in your paper or clarify a difficult concept. Please note that the space this image occupies in your paper does not count toward your four-page text-based content requirement * include a table to help convey additional information about your chosen issue/topic (for example if there are arguments for and against your chosen issue, you might have one column containing arguments for the issue, and another column containing the arguments...
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