Nothing Worse Than

Topics: Thought, Walking, Sustainable transport Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: June 19, 2013
The Disgusting Truth
There is nothing worse than getting gum stuck on the bottom of your shoe because of some lazy arse scum that couldn’t even be bothered to walk half a yard to a bin. Just think you’re walking down the road to where ever you might be going and you start to realise your sticking to the floor, so you scrape your shoe across the floor thinking that will resolve it but does it? No that’s what I thought. You look at the bottom of your shoe and see a lump of spit filled gum holding on for dear life, yet laughing at you as your some kind of idiot for stepping on it. So you try wiping your foot against a corner, on grass or on steps, anything that will get it off. Does it work this time? No, yet again. You then have to walk back home trying to ovoid all contact with the floor as you hate the feeling of sticking, and never coming released. As the gum is bad enough but fresh and still got spit holding it together, that some prick just “dropped” as they would say. You get home drop everything, rip off your shoe and rush straight to the tissues and trying not to touch it, start to being the long journey of picking it off, bit by bit it slowly beings to come off but still there is gum there. You rummage through your cupboards for something that will rid you of this wretched blob that will always somehow be on the bottom of your shoe, linking you to some kind of stranger that placed it on your shoe. You have a light bulb moment and decide to place it as far back as you can at the back of the freeze to freeze the bugger. But while you wait for it to freeze you have the wear another pair of shoes, which don’t match your outfit.
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