Nothing: Poetry and Persona

Topics: Poetry, Meaning of life, The Reader Pages: 3 (1563 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Breaking Through
Myrna Pena Reyes 
Haltingly I undo the knots 
around your parcel that came this morning.
A small box should require little labor,
but you’ve always been thorough, 
tying things tight and well. 
the twine lengthens, 
curls beside the box.
 I see your fingers pull,
 snapping the knots into place 
(once your belt slapped sharply against my skin) 
You hoped the package would hold its shape 
across 10,000 miles of ocean. 
It’s not a bride’s superstition 
that leaves the scissors in the drawer.
 Unraveling what you’ve done with love 
I practice more than patience 
a kind of thoroughness 
I couldn’t see before. 
I shall not let it pass. 
My father, 
this undoing is what binds us.


The poem Breaking Through written by Myrna Peňa-Reyes is very profound in terms of its appeal to the reader. The poem is all about the filial relationship between a son/daughter and a father.

The poem basically revolves around the father and his son/daughter. The plot of the poem tells the reader that a certain persona in the first stanza receives a parcel that came during that morning. The persona lamely opened the small box and it takes for him/her a short labor to undo the tie. Although the box is just small, it is being tied skillfully and very well. It is not stated in the first stanza where the package does came from but lately, it is being mentioned that it’s from the persona’s father. The package box came all the way across 10, 000 miles of ocean. While opening the box, the persona can feel the love of his/her father that binds them together.

Breaking Through if examined could be the literal meaning of breaking through or the undoing of the strong thread of two or three strands that are being twisted together tied around the package box received by the persona from his/her father. The title its self could be the connotation of the applied effort of a certain...
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