Nothing Gold Can Stay

Topics: Garden of Eden, Poetry, Debut albums Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: November 20, 2008
Unrevealing Eternity
Many individuals have wondered about eternity. Many with experience say that nothing lasts forever. In the poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost, the poet has used many techniques such as imagery, couplets, and alliteration to emphasize and portray the initiative that nothing last and stay the same. The imagery in the poem, has contributed greatly to emphasize the theme of the poem which is there is no forever. The poet has created specific yet stunning scenes where eternity is non-existent and was presented with symbols and alliteration. Each couplet corresponds to the opposite couplet; for example, couplet 1 contrasts with couplet 4. This style specifically emphasizes the theme and contrast of the poem. Each couplet written in the poem has many vivid clear images which expresses that eternity do not exist. The first couplet, the speaker made use of nature as the metaphorical vehicle to communicate his observation and experiences to the readers. This couplet also state that golden color appears before green in nature; for example, the new leaves gives off a golden sensation. But then the speaker also stated that this majestic color is the “Her hardest hue to hold.”The speaker uses gold metaphorically which resembles youth or even wealth. Human mind instinctively tries to hold onto youth and wealth but which never stays. In the second couplet, it states that flowers develop first before the leaf, while as in reality barely any trees go through this process. Most vegetation or plants sprout leaves before the flower. The phrase “an hour,” gives the reader a better understanding though. It portrays how happiness and possessions can only last a short period of time and will end. In the third couplet, the golden leaves become green and colorful flowers subside. Then the speaker alludes to the Garden of Eden to emphasize that even paradise cannot last for eternity. This couplet is very significant...
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