Topics: Suffering, Mind, Thought Pages: 1 (719 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Art Stud 1 Reaction Paper to The 120 Days of Sodom
By Pier Paolo Pasolini
Prepared by: Gerrymy M. Retuba
First of all when I heard that this movie would be so disturbing because it has pain and suffering I thought I can take it because of all the blood and gore that I have watched all throughout my years of living but this movie that is claiming to be an art beat all of it if you’re looking for movie that will test the might of your stomach it’s this movie it’s so disgusting but while watching the movie I’m trying to think of happy thoughts so that I can take it but it’s not effective even though I’m thinking that the shit in this movie is just chocolate there’s still this feeling of that’s real shit or the fact that this people is making other people eat shit and the others enjoy it I mean what the hell!? What’s up with this people and the director? And the fact that this people agreed to make this movie that they called art until now I remember the pain and suffering this people experienced I hate watching those kind of movies because it will take a month for me to forget it but there’s this part of the movie that angers me the most it’s the degrading of the kidnapped people making them obey they’re commands like making them act like they’re dogs making them beg for food throwing it to them calling them basically just like what dog owners do but this part what made me clenched my fist and the urge of punching the person who did this kick in its making the woman eat a mashed potato filled with nails and the smile on their faces as the girl suffers it’s so irritating makes me wish that I could’ve done something to stop them even though it’s just a movie I hate fact that the victims did not fight against this people even though they can’t take it anymore they rather die than suffer more I mean why not fight they will die anyway why not take a chance at freedom do or die at first I thought that the members of that house are all sick and twisted but not all of...
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