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Questions of Case Application
Question 1.As the top managers of their company what type of issues might Bert and John have to deal with? Be as specific as possible, which management functions might be most important to them? Why? Answer : As the top managers of their company, Bert and John have to establish the plans and goals and make some big decisions, such as which market do they want to develop, how much money they want to earn next year, which partner they want to cooperate and so on. As the top managers of the company Bert and John might face following issues: All leaders must have the ability to make things happen. Thus being the top managers they must maintain their organizational goals to achieve specific success of the company and they also have to be responsible for the motivation, direction of employees and have to make good decisions for the organization. An organization goal depends on the effort of employees. If employees do not enjoy their work then the company can’t reach their goal. Then we have to motivate the employees to work hard. So being top managers they must work with employees to figure out an effective incentive structure. Effective teamwork depends on a culture of open communication, where superiors and subordinates can freely discuss progress and problems. There are four basic functions in management :-

a. Planning.This function involves mapping out exactly how to achieve a particular goal. b. Organizing. After a plan is in place, a manager needs to organize her team and materials according to her plan. Assigning work and granting authority are two important elements of organizing. c. Leading. A manager needs to do more than just plan, organize, and staff his team to achieve a goal. He must also lead. Leading involves motivating, communicating, guiding, and encouraging. It requires the manager to coach, assist, and problem solve with employees. d. Controlling. After the other elements are in place. He needs to...
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