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By viviannauu May 07, 2013 564 Words
“The Trotsky” Journal. .

After watching this movie, I have realized that Leon Bronstein had a very hard time to get others to

follow his actions because he was boring into a rich family and because he went to a remarkable private

school. Leon Bronstein was often teased by everyone at school, mostly by his principal and father. Bronstein

thought he was the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky because he got sent to public school due to him starting

a hunger strike at his father’s clothing factory. Bronstein’s goal was to unionize the students, but that was

really hard. This would help give everyone a voice so they could be heard and not ignored like before, this

could help students feel as if they have the power to get what they deserve and not have to settle for

something bad knowing they have to talk/use it. The most challenging thing that Leon encountered was

the struggle between students that are either doubtful or really uninterested in what he was aiming for.

Leon then after assembled some peers from his high school against the rules and gave everyone a voice.

A students’ union is a group of students organizing an event. This is very common in universities,

colleges, and also began in high schools. Students’ unions are run by students to try to help represent their

fellow peers within the institution. Students’ unions generally have similar aims regardless of the extent of

politicization, usually focusing on providing students with facilities, support, and services. Bronstein never

gave up on what he wanted most; a better life for himself and the students.

In Canada, going into university or collage is not free, there is something called a tuition fee. Over

the years this “tuition free” to get into post-secondary would increase slightly, if we want the tuition fees to

go down; we would need a large number of students to support this idea. (Basically to unionize so we have

a voice that could be heard threw the administrators). Or if Vaughan Road students were to unionize most

would think it’s a waste of time, what they want would be untameable or they wouldn’t be taken seriously.

As shown in the movie, Vaughan Road Students have the same thoughts as the students in the movie.

Some adults don’t want to hear what teenagers have to say because they think it’s idiotic or they just want

attention, but they have to realize that not all teenagers are like that, some try to help others by speaking

up as a unionized group (as seen in “The Trotsky”), that some teenagers actually have some ideas to

improve life for both themselves and others but no one would give them the time of day.

“The Trotsky” did a fantastic job at showing students that they can achieve in anything they wish to

set their minds on, as long as it is realistic. Watching Leon Bronstein takes action and not another student

complaining, makes me feel as if I can start a unionized school if I put in the dedication and determinacy

as Bronstein did. He showed his peers that they can get anything (that’s realistic) they want if they all stick

together and stride for that goal. After watching “The Trotsky” I then realized that everything is worth its

wait, as long as everyone sticks together and not give up.

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