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Title:‘Culture and microscopic examination remain the mainstays of the medical microbiology laboratory’. (Adapted from Mims et al, 2004)

Evaluate this assertion, with reference to the laboratory detection and identification of specific bacterial pathogens of medical significance to humans.

Notes:You should aim to produce an assignment which is coherently-structured, provides good coverage of the topic with appropriate depth of treatment, and displays analysis and evaluation of the material presented. As always at Level 6, you should attempt to highlight any relevant contested views on this subject, including current research findings, rather than producing a solely descriptive piece of work. All definitive statements should be supported by source material and referenced according to the APA system.

You might find it helpful to consider the following points: • Methods of cultivating bacteria in the laboratory • Direct laboratory methods of bacterial detection and identification. {For both of the above, it is not required that you provide detailed descriptions of laboratory protocols}. • The usefulness and limitations (i.e. evaluation) of the above investigative procedures, referring wherever possible to specific bacterial pathogens of humans. (This should constitute the bulk of the assignment)


Assessment Criteria

Your work will be assessed according to the general criteria printed in your programme handbook. In addition, the following characteristics are important: • The accuracy of the information presented

• Coverage of the subject
• Critical analysis of material
• Evidence of reading around the subject (primary and secondary sources) • Clarity of expression
• Focus on the stated title

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