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Welcome to the Business 300 midterm. Please answer the following questions either in this document or in a separate document. Though if you do the latter, please number your answers. These questions will require to recall our discussions and the reading. Upload to the ilearn forum that’s right below the place you downloaded this document by 10/25 at noon. Feel free to email me if any questions arise. Consider the following scenarios, each of which necessitate some kind of written correspondence. Based on our discussions of medium appropriateness and chapter one’s suggestions, A. state which medium you’d use and B. explain why you chose that medium(i.e. what is it about the context/setting informing your decision). Assume all modes are available.(15 points) As the December holidays approach, you want to send a message to your customers conveying your gratitude for their patronage. Formal Letter

Since I’m writing to show an appreciation to our customers, formal letter would be an appropriate medium. It allows me to communicate to people outside of the business. Formal letter is also one way to show that you are serious and sincere about the matter. In this case, I want to show my customers how serious and thankful I am to be doing business with them. At the very last minute, the project manager who was going to lead your office’s meeting has cancelled because they’re ill. You quickly need to contact the assistant project manager so that they can gather a few notes to lead the meeting. Text Messaging (SMS)

SMS or Short Message Service is I believe would be more effective in this case. It is fast, short and straight to the point. I will be able to quickly send information in just minutes. 3. You work for a clothing company and you’ll soon begin brainstorming ideas for the summer collection. You want to send a message to your marketing division informing them of a meeting next week. Memorandum (Memo)

I decided to use memo for this scenario since I will be...
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