Notes: Steven Truscott Case

Topics: Capital punishment, Steven Truscott, Law Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: October 31, 2013
The Steven Truscott Case

1) The media comes up with their own ideas on the case and sways everyone else's opinion and half of the information stated is false. The media should not play a role in the legal system and it should be left to the court. I don't think we should tell the media as much as we do because they tend to sway opinions.

2) I think it is very important that we reexamine past cases because of the improvements. It is very unfair for those who have been imprisoned due to the inadequate technology. The disadvantage to this is that old cases means old evidence that may not be of any use because of the case's age. Samples may have dried up etc.

3) If someone is convicted of a crime as heinous as murder I feel it is the right thing to do to compensate someone for all their troubles. If you are accused of something like murder, you can almost guarantee you will lose friendships and a strain would be put on you and your family. Therefore I agree Steven should have been compensated for his ordeal.

4) a. Wrongful conviction is a term used when someone is convicted guilty and punished for a crime they did not commit.

b. Looking at other cases the AIDWYC focuses on the accused lack of an alibi and criminal history and the time spent on the case to investigate and research to find a suspect that fits the crime rather than pointing figures.

c) Humans make mistakes and sometimes we want to accuse the first person due get justice for a horrible crime. However, this isn't an efficient way to solve a crime. I feel it is important to make sure we can protect those we have been wrongfully convicted due to inevitable human error. It is very good we have an association dedicated to this like the AIDWYC.


June 9, 1959: Steven Truscott, 14, takes Lynne Harper, 12, on a bicycle ride on the outskirts of Clinton, Ontario.

June 11, 1959: Searchers find Lynne’s body in a nearby forest, she has been raped and strangled.

June 12, 1959:...
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