Notes on the Underdogs Azuela

Topics: Pancho Villa, Mexican Revolution, Emiliano Zapata Pages: 10 (3894 words) Published: January 14, 2012

Mariana Azuela, medical Dr aswell as an author … YOU MUST TALKE ABOUT HIM

He was chief of fiscal affairs in his home town, so a middle class person, a medical DR, a local politician … is this linking us into a certain type of revolutionary? If you wanted to call him one, which type would he have been, diaz? Madero? … he was an intellectual revolutionary, certainly a modero stance … I would think so, why would he not be nesicailary villa, he was a scruffy bandit, later on he becomes more respectiable but I tend to agree with you that he was following modero … he just wanted to reform … so shannas saying as a maoesta he would be a reformoist more than social revultionary and if we wanted to help you out we would back up that MADONISTAS WERE REFORMERS RATHER THAN ANYTHING ELSE, PS, plan san luis port backs that up!!

Written in 1911, starting early, put to one side chronicing the revoluiton but to write about the rev, and he wrote the first novel by anyone. … published during bad relations

Published in Texas in 1915, so a foreign audience? For an audience of people that moved away in fear of being fought there, exiles .. but a mixed readership.

Motive … why write in 1915, whats happening in the revolution at this period? Power struggle between caranza and villa, like any primary source, he must be affected by the enviroment in which hes writing, in 1915 it was a violent period, the split and by 1915 he would have got out, this is where you would have the division between the pair and zapata. What would be in the minds of intellectual? If you could freeze yourself, as a madorista, maderos dead, what would you be thinking in 1915? The revolution continues to go on, maybe they are disspointed they didn't achieve much, because you thought maybe when you got madero in there was end to the reformist revolution, brillitant lets go home and then you get the rise of the coutner revolutionary huerta, must get rid of him, maybe that's the end of it, then you get the fight between … who wold say azelas natural politican of 1915? Who would he have been and leaning towards? Caranza, he is more of a middle class person, I think he was speaking the madoristas langauge, poltician not a bandit, so we got caranza carrying the madorista flag but we got this fight with the popular forces, so if you were an azuela type fo character in 1915 there would be dissapointment. Where do you think the revolution is going? If your saying, we have caranza fighing the corner we are comfrotable in, then who knows, I mean maybe if we get caranza in like we have modero in, who says that's going to be the end of ther evolution, in the case of caranza if we get him in, who knows if that's going to eb the end SO there maybe at this point 1915 there is no real sight at the end, we know whats coming next in hindsight, over in 1917, we don't know that in 1915 so the revoution is just rolling on, I think that's an important aspect when azuela is writing

His contribution to the revolution itself … so we are getting someone here who is not only theorising about the revolution but he is obviously commited to the revolutionary fighting himself, he wont fight but soething equally as usefuul, act as a phyciain .. he was fighting under the forces of madena, do we know anything about medena? He was part of if you like the broader group in that northern area, linked to villa later on would be the case, we have somebody who would be a natural mdidle class person, who early on helpes the popular forces in the north. Using his skills to do so.

Have you come across any secondary sources where you may have a funny relation betweent he intellectuals and popular forces? We remember those intellectuals, the city boys … where would azuela have got his education in mexico cuty in university? Teghre is a school of medicience, he is a city boy, being thrusted (in a commitment) into a completely different enviroment, so okay we have got the city...
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